Our Story

Welcome to Adrienne Grace Co. I have two beautiful daughters, Adrienne Sue and Gracelynn. My Children are my friends, my spirit, and my influencers towards success. 

(Adrienne and Gracelynn)

I have always loved dressing my children, it has allowed me to show my creativity and style.

My family and I preach positivity. I have built my store around building up children's confidence and encouraging them to be who they are! We do not see this enough in today's world.

I value women owned USA designed and made products. Thankfully, there are a host of brands popping up all over the country designing and making products again! Making cloths in the USA helps reduce waste and supports local artisans and designers. Let's reduce waste and support local artisans and designers! 

 I am excited to share my passion with you all.


Thank you for shopping local and letting us dress your beautiful children! 


Alana Murray
Adrienne Grace Co.